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Miracles Fanfic

Bring on the head injuries and hurt/comfort!

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Fanfic for the tv show Miracles

1. Post "Miracles" fanfic with a header. All ratings and categories are allowed, but mark them prominently so people know what they're getting into.
2. Or, join if you'd just like to read "Miracles" fanfic.
3. It's okay to post tidbits about things related to the show, like actor updates, as long as you don't get excessive about it. There are communities out there specifically for the actors where it's more appropriate to post tons of articles at once, picspams, etc.
4. This is not the place for your personal drama/fanwank. Keep it out of the community.
5. To avoid any wank, do not link to miraclestv.com
6. Do not flame the authors.

This community is slash, het, etc friendly. It's all good.

THE COMMUNITY IS CURRENTLY ON MODERATED STATUS because of spammers/bots joining to post porn videos. Once you prove that you are not a spammer by posting something Miracles-related, I will take you off moderated status.

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