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CTB will still survive for another 6 months

Just wanted to let everyone know that Cross to Bear will be staying up for at least another 6 months. emmademarais is helping me out so we all have time to back anything up that's on the site that we may need to save. Once August comes, I really don't know what I'll do with the site. This will give me some time to think about it.

If you are still passionate about "Miracles" fanfic, this is a good time to let your favorite authors know. :)
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Cross to Bear

Just wanted to give everyone a head's up - my website dues are coming due on Feb. 20th and I really don't have the money to pay it right now. To be honest, I just want to let the entire site go for now. I haven't had time to properly update it for quite some time. Some time in the future, maybe I'll put certain parts of it back up with updated graphics and such, but for now, I'm tired of it floating around out there with outdated resolutions and undersized screencaps.

My fanfics are available on my writing journal, AO3, and Fanfiction.Net. Anything else of mine that is fandom related I can transfer to my journal over time. I can also keep Cross to Bear alive by creating a post on my writing journal that links to your "Miracles" stories where you have them posted elsewhere. So if you need to save any from my site, do it now, and find a new place to post them (like on the aforementioned, or on your own LJ). I also plan to transfer the archive of to my writing journal. A great deal of will be going down for I know not how long and will not be backed up on my personal journals. (Like the Krofft site and Skeet's site.) This is because a lot of it is outdated and needs to be brought into this century. (Like screensavers that were made for Windows 95!) If there's anything else there you'd like to save, do it now.

This is NOT an invitation for anyone else to take the content of any of my sites and use it to make their own. If you want to create a similar website of any kind, you make your own graphics/sound files/screencaps/scans/etc.
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"Miracles" fic for Yuletide

Two "Miracles" fics were written for yuletide this year. As it happens, emmademarais and I wrote each other's fics! Hahahaha! Hey, we can't be the only ones keeping this fandom alive through fanfic. You guys need to help! Come on! *poke poke poke*

Anywho, to the fanfic!

Decapitation Will Kill Almost Anything (2540 words) by Sailorhathor
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Miracles (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Paul Callan, Alva Keel, Evelyn Santos, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Supernatural Elements

Paul and Alva play a game of Define that Supernatural Term while waiting to be killed by a monster. You know, their idea of normal.

Warning for some violence.

Due Reverence (1767 words) by EmmaDeMarais
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Miracles (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Paul Callan, Alva Keel, Evelyn Santos, Poppi Calero

Paul discovers a relic he recovered for the Catholic Church holds more value than even the archdiocese ever imagined.

badass dave


The Paul Callan Head Injury Clock has been reset after 1,228 days! There are two "Miracles" stories in the yuletide archive this year that both feature a head injury for Paul (minor spoiler).

Killing Kenneth Webster (2364 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Miracles (TV), Supernatural
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Paul Callan/Dean Winchester
Characters: Paul Callan, Dean Winchester

Since that day in the ICU, he'd dreamed it a thousand times.

A Little Chaos (7108 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Miracles (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Paul Callan, Alva Keel, Poppi Calero, Georgia Wilson, Evelyn Santos, Mateo "Matty" Santos
Additional Tags: Bodyswap

You are now the proud owner of Pullman's Stone. Use it in good health. Every life can use a little chaos now and then.

badass dave

Big Spendin' Buckaroos, [NC-17], Dean/Paul, Supernatural/Miracles

Title: Big Spendin' Buckaroos
Author: sailorhathor
Fandoms: Supernatural/Miracles
Pairings: Dean/Paul, Paul/Stripper/Dean (lap dance)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 21,956
Summary: In his never-ending quest to epically mess with Paul’s head, Dean takes him out to a strip club and buys him a lap dance. There are at least three sides to this story: Paul's, Dean's, and the stripper's.
Warnings: Graphic sexual content between two men, lap dance/stripper culture (this is season one Dean; he has some sexual thoughts about the strippers that could be considered offensive by some), language
Beta Thanks: Beta'ed by alaniesanar. Thanks very much! You really helped me flesh out this story, even to the point that the strip club is a character as much as the people.
badass dave

Paul Callan Head Injury Clock is back in action

The Paul Callan Head Injury Clock stopped working a little while ago. I found another nice one to replace it, so the clock is back in action! We are only hours away from it having been 1,100 days since Paul received a head injury in a fanfic.* Shameful! Someone hit him in the head with a lamp, please!

(* This is as far as I know, according to the fics on my website. If you have injured Paul's head in the last 1,100 days and would like your fic archived on my site, you, yes, you can reset the clock. Let me know. ^__^)

The Paul Callan Head Injury Clock

In order to reset the clock, your fanfic must contain Paul receiving some sort of head injury. From head conks to face scratches to eye punches, as long as Paul is getting hurt above the neck, you can reset the clock. (Teeny injuries like mosquito bites do not count.)
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It's that time again...

...time for my website hosting dues to come due again. February 20th to be exact. I'm between jobs and will not have the $35 needed to pay the bill until mid-March. Is there any chance someone could lend me the money now by Paypal and I'll pay you back in mid-March?

In case you're wondering how this relates to "Miracles" fanfic, my site is the home of Cross to Bear, a large "Miracles" fanfic archive.
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Cross to Bear and such

My website dues come due this month. I'm currently unemployed, about to start a new job in a few weeks. Because I haven't started the new job, I'm pretty low on money right now. The website dues are coming out of my food budget at this point. If you enjoy Cross to Bear and Skeeter Net and other sites hosted at Demented Stuff, please consider donating through Paypal to help keep them going. I only need $35. If you want, I can pay you back whatever you donate by late September. :) My Paypal address is Thanks for reading this message!

Edit: Melody donated all we need. I'm all set til February. ^______________^ Thanks!
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"The Apostle of Tarsus II: Faithfully" Supernatural/Miracles, Rated R

Title: The Apostle of Tarsus II: Faithfully
Author: sailorhathor
Fandoms: Supernatural/Miracles X-over
Pairings: Sam Winchester/Theresa Callan, Dean/OFC
Rating: Adult (R)
Word Count: 24,055 this part
Warnings: A few Het sex scenes that are graphic in an R-rated way. Language. Sequel to "The Apostle of Tarsus."
Summary: Sometimes, when I think of what Castiel did to us, I want to kill him. But most days, I thank him.
Author's Notes: I decided to release a part II of this story instead of waiting for the entire thing to be done because it was getting pretty long, and also because of season 8 of SPN. They've introduced a character that is referenced in my story, but our interpretations of that character will be VERY different. I wanted to make it clear that I came up with my interpretation years ago, which is why we write that character so differently.

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